Since every text and every translation is different, we unfortunately cannot list fixed prices here. The price of a translation is determined by the type of document, its length, the subject matter, how specialized the material is, how much research is required, and of course any special requirements you may have. Send us an excerpt of your text or the entire document and we will be glad to provide you a quotation tailored to your specific needs at a fair price for the high quality we deliver (taxes not included).

The following guidelines apply to our pricing:

Price calculation

We calculate the price of our translations based on the number of words in the source language document. That means you’ll always know how much your translation is going to cost before you give us the go-ahead to start the project.
You may be familiar with other providers invoicing standard lines calculated based on the translated document. To make it easier to compare, we are glad to convert our prices for you.

For certain services such as proofreading, editing or testing, we charge by the hour or will quote you a lump sum fee. Ask us for a quote anytime! Please keep in mind that in order to cover our overhead, we do have a minimum project fee of €40.00.

Invoice and payment

You’ll receive a valid invoice that lists any taxes separately and complies with applicable regulations. Please pay the entire amount within four weeks upon receipt of invoice via bank transfer.
We’ll send your invoice either via postal mail or e-mail (as a PDF file) — whatever you prefer. You can also use PayPal if you like.