About us

Anja Neudert


  • Freelance translator since 2003
  • 2005 – Diplom-Übersetzerin translation degree in English and French from the University of Leipzig
  • Non-linguistic minor fields of study: Computer science and construction engineering
  • Five-month study abroad program at the University of Geneva’s ETI (School of Translation and Interpretation) in Switzerland
  • Three-month internship at XTRA Translation Services in Böblingen
  • Member of the German translators association Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ)
  • Personal interests: language and languages, science, dogs

Petra Hucke

If you would like more information about my services as a literary writer, please visit petra.hucke.de.

  • Freelance translator since 2006
  • degree in translation (Diplom-Übersetzerin) for English and French from the University of Leipzig
  • Erasmus study abroad program at the University of Geneva’s ETI in Switzerland
  • Internship at Advanced Language Translation in Rochester, New York, USA
  • Three years of experience as an in-house translator and project manager
  • Member of the professional translators associations Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ)

Learning is a lifelong pursuit

In a career that has one dealing with the latest technological developments, it’s important to continually seek ongoing education. And the best thing is, it’s fun! Below are some of the training programs and seminars that we have participated in:

May 2009 Seminar presented by Christiane Buchner in Göttingen on how to turn a translation into a good piece of writing.
Sept. 2009 BDÜ conference (presentations on topics such as quality assurance, quality management, creating and researching terminology), Berlin
Nov. 2010 MiniKon 1 (presentations on the QA tool ApSIC Xbench, SDL Trados Studio 2009, system and data backups), Bad Homburg
May 2011 ADÜ-Nord-Tage (presentations on technical writing, machine translation, creating style guides, and a workshop on subtitling), Hamburg
March 2012 MiniKon 2 (presentations on software testing, machine translation, translating in the field of market research, voice recognition software) Bad Tölz
Oct. 2013 MiniKon 3 (presentations on time management, working with PDFs, subtitling software, SDL Trados Studio 2011), Erfurt
March 2014 Webinar on transcreation (presented by Alessandra Martelli)
July 2014 VdÜ conference (presentations on translating graphic novels, improving reading and presentation skills), Wolfenbüttel
Apr. 2014 Webinar on terminology for medical translators (presented by Siegfried Armbruster)
May 2014 Hieronymus program for translators at EÜK Straelen (mentor: Marianne Gareis)
Sept. 2014 Art in Translation (“The Art of Being In-Between”), Reykjavík
Oct. 2014 Webinar by Jerzy Czopik on non-translatable content in SDL Trados Studio
Nov. 2014 Webinar by Jerzy Czopik on the efficient use of AutoSuggest and Autopropagation in Studio
Feb. 2015 Webinar by Jerzy Czopik on how to handle acronyms, variables, etc., in Studio
Apr. 2015 MiniKon 4, Duisburg (presentations on working on large-scale projects, post-editing, terminology management in SDL Trados Studio)
May 2015 Seminar presented by Henrike Doerr in Leipzig on how to copyedit “in style”
Nov. 2015 Part two of terminology webinar for medical translators covering EMA templates, presented by Siegfried Armbruster
Oct. 2016 MiniKon 5, Bamberg (presentations on creative writing techniques, IT security, translating nonfiction books)
Nov. 2016 SDL Trados Roadshow Munich
March 2018 BDÜ spelling seminar presented by Henrike Doerr
May 2018 MiniKon 6, Görlitz (presentations on GDPR, GoBD, backup & recovery)
Apr-Jun 2018 Webinar series: Introduction to legal translation
Jan 2019 Webinar on website optimization
May 2019 BP19 Translation Conference, Bologna
Oct 2019 MiniKon 7, Bad Hersfeld (presentations on gender-neutral language, AI, Acrolinx, simplified German, RegEx)
Apr 2020 BP20 Online Translation Conference
Jul 2020 Webinar on editing/revising translations, presented by Angelika Ottmann & Carmen Canfora
Aug 2020 Webinar on English contract law, presented by Richard Delaney
Aug 2020 Webinar on German contract law, presented by Christin Dallmann
Aug 2020 Workshop: Translating contracts English–German, presented by Christin Dallmann & Richard Delaney
Sep 2020 4h online course on the basics of transcreation, presented by Nina Sattler-Hovdar
Nov 2020 Webinar on the basics of InDesign for translators, presented by Jerzy Czopik
Nov 2020 BP20 Workshop Week
Apr 2021 BP21 Translation Conference
Sep 2021 Webinar on non-discriminatory language, presented by Charlotte Stein
May 2022 BP22 Translation Conference
Jul/Aug 2022 Webinar series on the methodology of translating legal texts, presented by Christin Dallmann
Nov 2022 MiniKon 8, Arnsberg (presentations on SEO translation, social media marketing, podcasting, e-learning trends)
Dec 2022 BP Winter Translation Forum
Feb 2023 Texterclub copywriting seminar, presented by Stefan Gottschling
Mar 2023 Texterclub storytelling seminar, presented by René Kohlenberg
Apr 2023 Texterclub seminar on creating impactful online content, presented by Rohita Bruckmann
May 2023 Online course „Become an SEO-savvy translator“ (offered by TAGS Language Solutions)
Jun 2023 Webinar on translating Adobe InDesign files, presented by Maren Paetzold
Jun 2023 Online course „Expert in SEO & SEA Localization and Content Creation(II Edition) (offered by TranslaStars)
starting Nov 2023 ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity Training and Exam